Music and Taxes

I sometimes have a rather interesting conversation in one of my shops. A visitor will look at our work, ask if I am the designer, and say 'it must be lovely to work with beads all day'. Yah, I can imagine it would be! The thing you're warned of continually when you begin a business based on your passion is that you'll only get to spend about 10% of your time exploring that passion, and the other 90% will be strategic planning, spreadsheets, procurement headaches, and taxes. It's still worth it though. Lucky for me I really love the people I get to work with every day. The Beloved team is a group of incredibly dedicated, kind and intelligent women, so whenever I'm tempted to moan about the spreadsheets or tax paperwork, I am reminded that it is work worth doing.

The other day I sat down to do a day of financial statements (we grew again, yeay!), and thought that I would treat myself to a new album to listen to while I did so. By complete chance I came across Zaneliza: How The Water Moves by Msaki. What a treat! She's so amazing she's competing for space in my heart with Simphiwe Dana, Thandiswa Mazwai and Laura Mvula (it's ok, I'll just have to make some extra room). 

So if you're faced with a boring work task today, I would highly recommend this album to get you through the day!