Music Days 8 and 9 (Catching up!)

I had intended to write of the joys of community today. And in particular, South Africa being the village that it is, of how few degrees of separation there are between myself and the artists I adore. It’s amazing to be able to convey my thanks for music I have loved via friends, rather than anonymous social media platforms.

Like I said, I was going to write of the joys of community today. But I find myself instead a little exhausted by community! The ties that bind us so closely together can also tie us down, and a couple of conversations recently have reminded me of some of the pitfalls of heightened interdependence. We feel those pressures keenly during the intense festive season, and I find myself longing for some quiet calm, for myself, and for the people I care about.

I guess to that end, some gentle music is appropriate.