Music Day 2 - Don't Leave Me

I drove more than 100km today! It was worth it. Goddaughters happily dropped off at school with a kiss on the forehead, and then driving on the N1 towards a beautifully lit mountain. It rained last night. The soil smelled fresh and rich this morning, and waterfalls adorned Hoerikwaggo. I passed cattle, goats and sheep, large patches of open land, tightly packed houses, large factories and shopping malls. It is hard not to be struck by the grandeur of this city when driving through so much of it in one day.

I’ve shared this video before, but it bears repeating. The aesthetic is so wonderfully reflective of South African material culture. I happen to be a particularly big fan of the singer, who I know to be incredibly kind. Enjoy it as you head into the weekend.

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